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I have acted/ performed in numerous theatre productions, site specific work, short films and musicals for over 20 years taking on roles ranging from Joan of Arc, The Artful Dodger, Feste, Hamlet, Puck, Sherlock Holmes,  Dr. Frankenstein, Jack ( Lord of the Flies), Caravaggio (Short workshop demonstration) to devised roles taking in Irish , Spanish and Italian characters, Doctors, protesters, Detectives, Murderers, aliens and roles that have required singing and high energy physical theatre and some stage fighting. 
Playing Age: 30-45 years
Female (but will play any gender)
Hair: Very dark brown, curly, shoulder length
Eyes: Piercing blue
Skin: white/ slightly olive
Height: 5 ft 3.5 inches 
Voice: clear, rolling and rich. 
Accents: RP, English, Irish, Glaswegian, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Yorkshire, American ( need advance notice of area).

Other roles:
Music hall male impersonator and opium addict Vicky Hall: Don't you believe it! (New script by Karen Mulcahy and Cath Moggridge), toured to Square chapel, Helmsleyarts , Rotherham Arts centre, Leeds arts college. (2003-4) Double Take Theatre.

Mulley- middle manager of a factory: Dead Causes: (New work by 
Dr. Liz Tomlin and cast members) toured Manchester Green Room, Scarborough college- university of Hull, Huddersfield university, Forced Entertainment studio Sheffield, Crucible studio. (2002-3)

Multiple roles including Kaz narrator, a builder, university professor and orphaned drunken kid; Root 2. (Written by Karen Mulcahey and Cath Moggridge), What If theatre Collaborative. (2000)

Young robber/ girl: Combination (Val Smith) Rotherham college arts studio. (2005)

Educational workshop demonstration roles and rehearsed readings:
Macbeth (Shakespeare)
Tybalt (Romeo and Juliet/ Shakespeare)
Leontes ( Winter's Tale, Shakespeare)

Creon/ Antigone (Antigone/ Sophocles)
Priest (Caucasian Circle, Brecht)
Lawyer for the prosecution (Great Expectations)
Priest (A Birth- The Ecstatic Bible: Howard Barker) - rehearsed reading. 
Estragon / The boy (Waiting for Godot)

Eccentric Professor of Archaeology and tour guide (Egypt murder mystery for kids studying the Egyptians).

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