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Composer of music

An integral part of my love of music is my interest in and ability to compose music for a multitude of projects and uses.
I create music by recording my ideas and sounds, sometimes using my guitar, others singing my thoughts. I have composed songs and atmospheric music for:

Local Hero: Verbatim play with songs by Karen Mulcahey, music co-composed with Craig Roberts. University of Sheffield Drama Studio. 2016.

Antigone (Sophocles) composed song and opening sequence music. 2014.

A Christmas Carol (Dickens) composed and performed songs and co- composed music/ choral sequences for promenade outdoor production around Rotherham town centre. Open Minds Theatre Company. 2013.

Opus Hatch: He wants to Friend you ( K Mulcahey & T. Rafiq) On the Road Again Productions, OMTC & Plum Pie media. Composer of songs and co- composer of music. (2012)

Caucasian chalk circle (Brecht) Open Minds Theatre Company, composed songs and music and co-composed harmonies with Kat Fletcher. (2007)
Great expectations (Dickens) Open Minds Youth Theatre (2008) composed songs.



Escape from Docatraz (Silencebreaker films) shown at the showroom cinema, Sheffield. 2006. (Songs and music for original film)

Get over it (Silence Breaker films) shown at the unity centre and showroom cinema.

Tales from Nowhere  (Silencebreaker/ Stable films) showroom. 2004/5.

Composed soundscapes and short choral pieces for artist Austin Pinkney. 2004/5.

Composed a score for 'Arabian Nights' for Far Out Theatre (2007)

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